Regan Willis

Software Developer

My Coding Journey:

The first time I ever touched a piece of code, I was 12. My dad set up my webpage and I stepped inside the world of HTML, starting by saying "hello". It was this memory that gave me the courage to take my first programming class in high school.
My senior year, after being lost in a sea of career choices, I was hooked on software development. I enrolled at the University of South Carolina for a degree in Computer Information Systems. Since then, my love for software development has grown. Coding is my favorite hobby, and my goal is to turn it into my career.

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My Portfolio

Portfolio Website


This portfolio website is the first web development project I worked on. I experimented with HTML and CSS and taught myself how to create a simple website. It is a static website hosted on AWS.

Snake Game

Java, Applet API

This game demonstrates my ability to write complex code with multiple classes. It also shows my knowledge of object-oriented programming and creating my own objects to use. I created functions to improve efficiency, accepted user input, and used an infinite for-loop for the gameplay.

Say Hello


I made this contact form to get to know JavaScript. I was able to perform form validation and learn about DOM. I also learned about HTML forms and the GET and POST methods for sending data.

Computational Geometry Library


The purpose of this library was to take in points and return different attributes of squares or rectangles including circumference, area and perimeter. I also used helper functions for easier readability. This library demonstrates my ability to write and document clean code, and the proper use of header and source files in C++. I completed this library using a UML diagram given to me by my professor.

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Play my Java Version of the Classic Snake

Not seeing the Snake Game? Visit my README.